Sensitive Skin Peel Solution 4oz
Sensitive Skin Peel Solution 4oz

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Details: SENSITIVE SKIN SOLUTION: Salicylic Acid 2%
Hamamelis base (Witch Hazel) 50% pH 2.8

This is a treatment specifically for hyperpigmentation of high color, sensitive skin (Fitzpatrick skin types IV or higher). It is especially useful for Asian, Amer-Indian and Hispanic skin types. Much like the Jessner solution it can be used with frequency and shorter intervals or more coats in one application with longer intervals. This solution allows for some degree of aggressiveness, (frequency) with low irritation levels (salicylic and resorcinol) to accommodate the very reactive skin types. It can also be used more aggressively (more coats per visit) with each treatment and longer intervals between treatments for reactive but less sensitive skin types.

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